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A strong heritage within a modern organisation.

Davies Odell was formed by the amalgamation of Davies & Co, Kettering and Odell Components, Bedford, in the process bringing together historic brands such as Phillips and Itshide.

Firmly established as an industry leading supplier to both international and domestic shoe manufacturers and the repair industry, we pride ourselves on producing the very best quality products and providing efficient service and great value. There is good reason we can achieve this - with experience going back to 1863. After 150 years in the business you could say we have stood the test of time.

We supply high quality shoe manufacturers in the heart of the English shoe manufacturing area, Northamptonshire. Our longevity is second to none.

With two manufacturing plants based in Northamptonshire, and the support of three manufacturing plants in the Far East, we are suited to work with, and supply a huge range of companies. From the small boutique manufacturer to the mass production factories and wholesalers, the service and experience we offer is unbeatable.

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